Our Process:


1.Strategy + Vision + Operations:  

UNDERSTAND BUSINESS GOALS, Customer Segement, AND OPERATIONal capabilities

We want to understand what you are doing and why, along with who you're targeting exactly and how you envision the solution.


2. Understand user behavior

From the leaders shaping strategy, to the managers driving execution, to the new entrant at the ground level, we want to understand user behaviors to create something that fits.



We then develop the goals of the product based on those inputs. Then we create site flows, wireframes, and pixel-perfect mockups. We test and iterate our concepts  until we pass off the design to developers with necessary documentation. Our UX process is described here.


4. HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS WIN each day with a well executed product design

We hand off the design to developers: A) Documentation with all metadata spelled out for back-end developers  B) Pixel-perfect PSD files for all front-end developers. Ultimately, a product your team can confidently sell & support to make an actual difference in your customers' lives.

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